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Posted: December 2nd 2021


Millions of Canadians pull second jobs as unpaid caregivers to the injured in their family. They juggle full time work, their own kids and homes while providing hours of unpaid work for their parents, siblings or partners.

But the stress and struggle to be everything to everyone can quickly reach a boiling point. Aware friends, neighbours and healthcare professionals can reach out and let caregivers know they are not alone. Practical resources exist to care for the caregivers including:

  • Professional Associations like Brain Injury Canada, Ontario Caregiver Organization, Ontario Caregiver Coalition, Young Caregivers Association, Family Caregiver Alliance, Wellness Together Canada and Wounded Warriors Canada may be a huge first step toward support and self-help. Their websites and blogs may provide practical strategies to ease the burden. They may connect you with thousands of other hardworking caregivers across North America who know what you are going through and will remind you that you are never alone;

  • Your Family Healthcare Team and Doctor are plugged in to many local support services in your own community. They have access to practical resources that may make all the difference. If you healthcare provider hasn't already picked up on your stress and exhaustion, now is the time to make that appointment and let her know. Reaching out for help is sometimes the biggest but best stride you can make for your own health and well being; and

  • That Experienced Injury Lawyer handling your loved one's claim knows that all in the family including parents, grandparents, children, spouses and siblings are stretched to the max just trying to deal with their loved one’s car crash or slip and fall injuries. As well as your Family Law Act companion claim in the main action, your injury lawyer may offer you the encouragement you need to make that call to your family doctor or to find a community based therapist who can give you the appropriate professional support you need. Injury lawyers know that family caregivers who struggle to help during the lawsuit will continue to struggle for years after the case has ended. Serious injuries last a lifetime.

You are not alone. But self-help doesn't end with awareness.

Your needs are just as important as everyone else's. The strength you find from support benefits everyone including your family and your loved one in need of critical daily care. Caring for the caregivers is a win-win for everyone.

Never forget that you are always allowed to ask for help.

Who Takes Care of Caregivers?