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Posted: April 9th 2018


Have you thanked your Crossing Guard today?

Each and every school day, our crossing guards line up to protect our children. And every school day, these good men and women walk out into busy traffic to physically stop cars and trucks so our little ones may pass safely. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, our crossing guards put it on the line to make sure our kids get home safely.

So what can we do to show our appreciation?

The thing is, most parents are also drivers. Once we get this, we know what to do.

Drive safe and be courteous and vigilant drivers.

Keep these tips in mind and keep our children safe on our roads.


1. Let Them Do Their Job

Obey your crossing guards. Guards are out there for a reason. Children count on their direction and will follow where they lead. Crossing guards count on you to be courteous and vigilant so they can do their jobs in safety.

2. Slow Down

Obey the posted speed limits paying particular attention to reduced speeds in school zones and near playgrounds.

3. Expect the Unexpected and Prepare For the Worst

Drive in control and be ready to stop for crossing guards. Be prepared to brake for children. Keep in mind that children are walking and biking to school and keep your eyes open. As the adult driver, you will likely have the last clear chance to avoid a tragedy. Drive defensively.

4. Drop The Phone

You won't be able to react quickly and slow for a child if you are texting, talking on the phone, setting your GPS, applying your mascara or eating your breakfast behind the wheel. Make safe driving your priority and let everything else go until you park that car.

5. Thank Your Crossing Guard

Take the time to properly thank your crossing guard the next time your paths cross. A heartfelt thank you does a heart good.

You can even nominate your crossing guard to win's Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard Contest. Click here for the link. Ask your favourite crossing guard for permission before entering her name.

Take the time to thank your Crossing Guard today.

A little retro old-fashioned thank you never goes out of style.

But the best thanks is safe driving.

Honour our Community Crossing Guards by being thoughtful and careful behind the wheel.

Our Community's Unsung Heroes

Thank U Crossing Guards!

An Old-Fashioned Thank You Never Goes Out Of Style