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Posted: January 12th 2021


It's the New Year and winter car crashes are a reality on our busy streets and highways.

Who's To Blame?

Drivers raise their hands. Blaming winter just doesn't cut it. We have to stop cursing poor old Mother Nature. Snow and drifting snow can't hide the poor choices we make on our winter roads. We know better. But we just keep doing what we do and those winter car crashes keep piling up.

Bad choices behind the wheel make for bad crashes. And every January, the same offenders ring in the New Year on our roads.

What does your injury lawyer see every winter?

Here is Martin Law's New Year Countdown:

1. Speed

Most drivers will not drive for the conditions. Winter driving conditions are the most challenging conditions most drivers will ever face. But when we take winter in stride, our Canadian confidence will get innocent drivers killed;

2. Back Off

When a driver fails to leave a reasonable stopping distance between his car and the one in front, rear end collisions happen. Leave a safe space so you can stop slowly and in safety on our slippery roads. Be ready to stop to save those in front of you;

3. Just Share

Share the road. Everyone is number one and everyone needs to use our streets. Cyclists and pedestrians have every right to be on our roads. And if ever there was a year to be kind and courteous, this is it. Pay back our Emergency Responders, Tow Truck and Snow Plough Drivers by slowing down and moving over. Our EMS and Essential Workers risk all to help us. We help them when we slow down and move over;

4. Be a Prepper

We've all had a lesson in prepping this year. But we've always had to do our winter driving preps. Keeping that car in good repair and getting it into the garage for regular service has always been essential. Driving is a freedom purchased with responsibility. Small things like topping up that windshield wiper fluid, replacing old wiper blades and checking those lights, all pay mighty dividends in bad winter weather. Those small things will save your life and the lives of all you meet; and

5. Just Drive

Distracted driving kills. Few drivers really understand how something so mundane like stealing a quick glance at that phone or screen can destroy another person's life. It doesn't matter if it's a smartphone on your lap or an expensive infotainment system on your dash, both distract you from your one job. We all know that one job is to drive safe.

A car crash is never just an accident. And winter doesn't cause a car crash.

Us drivers are to blame. Winter is never an excuse for the bad choices drivers make on our roads.

When you've been seriously injured by a driver this winter, call an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows that winter isn't to blame.

Call  Martin Law and find out where you stand.

Who's to Blame?

Snow One to Blame But Us