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Posted: May 2nd 2023


Spring is in the air. Water is on the floor. Spring showers bring slippery floors to our local stores.

Serious injuries happen when store owners and managers fail to maintain those surfaces in safety.

Every spring Martin Law sees:

  • wet floors when rain is tracked in and left unmopped;
  • curled mats and floor runners; and
  • mats never designed for high traffic entrance use repurposed from storage by managers trying to keep on budget.

When the worst happens and you've been seriously injured in a fall, you need information.

Martin Law has 5 practical tips:

  1. Get Help: go to emergency and get those injuries taken care of. Medical records document your injuries. Medical records provide independent proof that you were hurt. After you leave the emergency room, see your own family doctor. She provides critical follow up care and will become your regular record keeper;

  1. Pics: ask a bystander to take a photo with your own phone of the mat or water that caused that fall. Get their name and telephone number. If that isn't possible, ask a friend to go back to the store and take those photos when it's safe. Pictures help everyone understand what happened;

  1. Find Witnesses: because someone is always there and always sees. Get names and numbers. As weeks pass, recollections become fuzzy. Some witnesses may also become reluctant to help out;

  1. Stash It: hang on to your damaged clothes. Don't wash anything. Pack them up in a paper bag or box. Store them in a safe place where you can find them; and

  1. Make the Call: many experienced local injury lawyers offer a Free Consultation. Your local lawyer lives in your community and knows the store layout and the local weather. Make sure it is a lawyer who is speaking with you. Make sure you get along and are comfortable with that lawyer. Most serious injury claims take time to resolve so you need a good working relationship with a lawyer who is approachable, actually returns your call and answers your questions.

A spring fall can be just as serious as a bad winter fall on the ice. Serious fall injuries will absolutely have a devastating impact on your life.

Call your experienced local injury lawyer and find out where you stand.

Call Martin Law For Your Free Consultation.

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