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Posted: July 3rd 2023


Have you seen them? Drivers clustered together. Speeding down the road in one big group. Blocking lanes. Driving the wrong way in oncoming lanes. Leap frogging and passing blind as if saving two minutes on the road will make a big difference at the final destination. Sometimes they know one another. Often they don't. We've all seen them. We all know them. Maybe we've been them.

But just how much of a threat does the pack pose to innocent drivers?

Running with the wolves leads to:

  1. Speeding: a leading cause of injury and death on our busy roads when drivers push the pedal to the metal to keep up with the pack;
  2. Pass Not In Safety: overtaking cars may only be done in limited circumstances. Never on a double line. Never on a curve or corner. Never on the crest of a hill or rise. And never in the face on oncoming traffic;
  3. Head On Collisions: with innocent drivers who have no opportunity to avoid a crash on the crest of a hill and around bends in the road;
  4. Following Too Close: and not having enough room to stop in safety particularly at speed. Rear end collision be darned. At speed, fellow drivers will be crushed in the scrum;
  5. Chain Reaction: leading to multiple crashes and pile ups when drivers racing at speed in close proximity have nowhere to go and nowhere to stop to avoid a collision;
  6. Cyclist Injuries and Fatalities: as slow moving cyclists are chewed up and spit out by the pack; and
  7. First Responders and Ambulances: blocked and slowed as they rush to those in distress.

Where do they roam?

Wolf packs run in the country as well as our cities.

Reckless drivers unfamiliar with our local roads assume they can open up and rip down the roads once they escape the city. But it is a myth that Ontario's country roads and highways are quiet and empty. In this area of Hastings County, Highway 62 North is a major transportation corridor serving the needs of a diverse group of people. Log trucks, cement trucks, fuel trucks, hydro truck convoys, farm machinery and pony traps from our local faith based communities all share that highway. Drivers never know what they'll find when they crest that hill or round that corner. Add deer, moose, wild turkey flocks and errant cows and horses to that mix and you've got a horrible crash just waiting to happen. Because we don't know what's over that hill and around that bend, we must respect our highway rules and regulations. It's that simple.

Leave the pack behind this summer and just drive safe.

Be the driver you wish you'd meet or your child would meet on our busy roads.

If you've been injured in a car crash and suspect the other drivers were running in a pack,  call your experienced local community injury lawyer and be in the know.

Experienced injury lawyers know car crashes are never accidents.

This local lawyer was born and raised in rural Ontario and knows the danger is real.

Martin Law always provides a Free Consultation.

Find out where you stand today.

Running With Wolves

Wolf Pack Driving