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Posted: March 12th 2021


This Sunday we all Spring Forward and say goodbye to that precious hour.

But we lose so much more than one hour of sleep.

Everyone faces a greater risk of car crash on our busy highways and roads for at least one full week after the change.

Why Worry?

Distracted Driving is a killer. Without enough sleep, drivers forget to just drive. Sending texts and answering calls on the phone takes lives. Our infotainment systems and GPS pull our eyes off the road. It's easy to forget to stay focused on our one job when we don't get the sleep we need.

Drowsy Driving is not just a problem for commuters. Whether running the kids to school or making a quick grocery shop, we all need our full sleep to drive in safety. Driving is a skill and a real challenge. W need to pay attention and focus to safely share that road.

Health Emergencies are more likely after a time change. A stroke or heart attack is terrifying at any time. But a sudden health crisis behind the wheel kicks that terror up to a whole new level for the driver and everyone she meets on our busy roads.

What To Do?

Everyone can take small practical steps before Sunday to help sync our bodies with that hour.

We can move our bed time and wake cycle about 3 days before the time change. Meal time and routine exercise schedules can also be changed to help our minds and bodies ease into the loss.

Phones, ipads and TVs impact sleep. Cutting back on our devices a few hours before sleep can help. We can all make sleep a priority.

Practical steps can help, but awareness is critical.

The CDC emphasizes that the danger lasts nearly a week after the clocks change. That Monday right after the shift is truly dangerous. Studies indicate a full 15 to 20% increase in traffic deaths on that Monday after we Spring Forward.

Smart drivers can also reduce non-essential travel and stay off the road right after the time change.

But some essential workers have little choice but to drive.

Everyone can take small steps to improve road safety. And together, we can make a difference.

If you have been hurt in a car crash, and you think the at fault driver was driving distracted or drowsy, let the investigating police officer know. If there was no officer at the scene, then make sure this information is on your report at the Accident Reporting Centre.

Then call your experienced community injury lawyer.

Take control of your future. Make a difference for yourself.

Martin Law knows that a car crash is never just an accident.

Are You Ready To Spring Forward?

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