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Posted: February 1st 2020


Winter is here and so are winter car crashes on our busy winter streets and highways. But when that crash happens, don't blame Mother Nature. Blame sits squarely behind the wheel with the bad choices drivers make on those winter roads.

Poor choices make poor drivers. Every winter, your injury lawyer sees the same winter offenders.

Just what does your community injury lawyer see every winter?

Here is Martin Law's Mid Winter Countdown:

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving tops our list again. Smart phones and cell phones should never ride shotgun. Winter driving demands our full attention. Full stop. Expensive infotainment systems aren't necessarily better when they pull your eyes and brain off the road in front of you. Just because your new ride is factory loaded with a state of the art infotainment system, doesn't make it safe. When we get behind the wheel, driving safe is our only job.

Smart phones are making drivers dumb. Distraction reaches a whole new level of scary when drivers barrel down the road fighting with their passengers over who gets to use the phone, who gets to place the mobile food order and who is burning up who's expensive data. Everyone gets that a phone just isn't a phone anymore. It's your lifeline to your world and everyone you care about. But nothing is worth your life. Connectivity shouldn't kill you. It certainly isn't worth the life of your child in the backseat and the life of any innocent driver, cyclist and pedestrian you meet.

2. Speed

Drive for the conditions. Slow down. Slippery winter roads mean slow down and drive with care. Rabbit starts and hard stops make it impossible to drive in control. If the flow of traffic is slow, it's slow for a reason. Experienced drivers know #SeeSnowGoSlow is no joke. Sliding through traffic lights and busy intersections is no way to arrive alive for friends and family this winter.

3.Homework Fail

Winter conditions mean extra work. It's just the way it is. Before the snow flies, your car should be in the shop being serviced by a qualified mechanic who can spot problems before they leave you stranded on the shoulder of the road. Take time to top up wiper fluid, replace worn wiper blades and check the oil. Do the 360 and check your lights before you drive. Dark winter driving means you need to see and be seen. Check out the latest road conditions before you leave the house and never check on your phone behind the wheel. Know what you are driving into and ask yourself if you really have to be out on those dangerous roads.

No one said winter driving would be easy. Challenging winter road conditions mean all drivers must rise to the challenge and drive safe.

We know that a car crash is never just an accident.

If you've been injured on our winter roads, call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Find out where you stand this winter.

Our Mid Winter Countdown

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