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Posted: January 5th 2023


The New Year is here. So are the same driving offenders. The big tell is just how extreme those bad choices became last year. Just when you think it couldn't get worse, it did.

This New Year, we resolve to let you know what your injury lawyer knows.

What were the top 3 worst choices made by at fault drivers in our communities?

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving tops that list again. Smart phones and paired in-car infotainment systems have become such an ingrained part of our lives, that drivers will not drive without them. Many drivers cannot imagine turning off the phone. Ever. But one phone is not enough. Two phones are in that car. A personal phone plus the business phone. Forbidden to make personal calls on the company dime, drivers have their own phone within reach. Juggling two phones behind the wheel is madness. And when your injury lawyer sees multiple phones in the hands and laps of at fault drivers who have crashed and seriously injured innocent drivers, we understand just how bad that 'bad' can be. Even when drivers hide or take the phones after the crash, we see the cell phone records. All drivers know driving safe is the only job behind that wheel. They know it, but still drive distracted. Innocent drivers and pedestrians are paying the price;

2.  Speed

Tough winter road conditions mean we must drive for the conditions. Budget an extra 20 minutes for that slow commute and take it easy. Slow down. Drive with care. Speed is a factor in more than 70% of the car crashes we see regardless of the season; and

3. Drugs

While alcohol remains a real threat, prescription drugs and over the counter painkillers play a big role in many cases. Impaired driving is impaired driving whether its booze or chemicals. When we see a laundry list of 15 or more prescription drugs on records from multiple pharmacies, we know what's up. A cocktail for the road in our communities usually doesn't come from the bar. It's from the pharmacy.

Winter driving is hard. It demands our full attention and respect.

Some drivers are making choices that will kill or severely injure innocent drivers and pedestrians.

We know that a car crash is never just an accident.

Winter is never to blame. The at fault driver is to blame.

If you've been injured on our busy winter roads, call your experienced community injury lawyer.

This New Year, resolve to get the help you need.

Find out where you stand this winter.

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