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Posted: August 4th 2022


Most drivers out on our roads and highways this summer have noticed a real change in driving behaviour. And it's not for the good. Drive fast and live big seem to be the new normal. It's a dangerous normal for everyone else on the road. Revenge travel isn't just for airports and exotic destinations. For everyone who still puts in the 9 to 5 grind or longer this hot summer, weekend and overnight road trips are the great pacifier. But when stressed out drivers anxious to live large and escape for even a few stolen hours hit our busy roads, their impatience is a real threat to everyone they meet.

3 big points make that threat clear:

  1. Speed: kills. Speeding raises the safety stakes for all drivers who share our busy roads. When drivers can't stop in safety, serious car crashes are difficult to avoid. The severity of that crash, and the deadly injuries that result, rise exponentially with velocity and force of impact. Arrive alive means everything to innocent drivers who share our roads. Driving faster is not better. For anyone;

  1. Pass in Safety: overtaking cars is never routine. There are clear, limited exceptions when a driver may pass. Blind corners aren't one of them. Double lines are marked for a reason and are not to be crossed. Fuel tankers and huge log trucks demand respect and patience. Just because everyone else is passing, doesn't mean we should join the parade. And it doesn't make it right. Our roads and highways exist for more than pleasure cars. Roads are a critical part of our supply chain. Farm trucks with trailers, tractors, combines, horse carts and pony traps have every right to be on our country roads. Our few minutes of inconvenience should never result in a lifetime of pain and grief for the innocent. If we have to think twice about whether passing is safe or smart, then we shouldn't do it; and

  1. Distracted Driving: piles on. When are eyes and mind aren't on the road in front of us, crashes happen. Smart phones, complicated infotainment systems, crying kids and whining pets make for dangerous drivers. Our problems in the car should never become everyone else's problem on the road.

Experienced injury lawyers know summer roads are the worst. Our emergency responders and police have known for years. Pandemic stress, anger and FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out - have driven bad to worse. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Drive safe this summer.

If you've been seriously injured on our busy summer roads and suspect the at fault driver was speeding, passing badly or on the phone, call your local community injury lawyer who knows our summer roads are deadly roads.

Martin Law answers your call. Find out where you stand.

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