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Posted: December 1st 2016


Despite a swell in media messaging, the number of drivers texting behind the wheel has become an alarming problem.

Cell phones remain one of the most common distractions for drivers.

Statistics show that drivers texting on their phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash event compared with non-distracted drivers (CAA).

In fact, the most recent studies tell us that some parents are texting their teen when they know their child is behind the wheel and fully expect that child to text right back despite the danger. (SADD) Parents wanting an update now, just like Employers wanting their workers to crank it up a notch, multi-task and return client or dispatch texts behind the wheel, are adding a whole new level of urgency to the discussion. And the circle of liability, or who is responsible for that car crash, may be widening.

It seems like many drivers and those in their circle just don't get it. And it looks like many just don’t take it seriously. Teenage drivers, some Moms & Dads, Employees & their Employers included. But if you are injured because another driver chose to text while driving, then you need to know where you stand.

It is against the law to text, talk, email or change your playlist on your phone or device while behind the wheel. Ontario has distracted driving laws in place and hand-held cell phone legislation is a part of that law. And for teenagers subject to graduated licencing, the penalties are even greater.

But for those injured in a car crash because another driver texted behind the wheel, distracted driving becomes careless driving very quickly.  If you were injured because another driver was texting or talking on his phone, or even if he was using his hands-free (eg Bluetooth) device and caused the crash, you should talk to an experienced injury lawyer and ask if she offers a free consultation.

When distracted driving causes a serious car crash, victims have the right to pursue compensation for their pain and damages suffered at the hands of a texter.

Don’t accept that texting & driving is “just a thing” and nothing can be done about it.

Find out where you stand.

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