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Posted: October 2nd 2023


Guess what your injury lawyer knows?

Our slick and icy winter isn't the worst season for pedestrians.

We know fall injuries happen year round.

Autumn rain leads to slippery floors when property owners fail to maintain their premises in safety.

What are the most common slip and fall hazards we see?

  • wet floors when rain is tracked in and left unmopped;
  • bunched up runners and hall mats; and
  • old repurposed mats never meant for high traffic commercial entrance use but recycled from the back room to save money and cut costs.

When you are injured by any of these offenders this fall, let Martin Law help you find the path to legal and medical recovery.

Here are your Martin Law Top 6 Tips:

  1. Get to Emergency: Medical treatment is your top priority. It documents your injury and starts a written record of your treatment. Then follow up with your family doctor. Your family doctor is your primary day to day treatment provider and your medical record keeper;

  1. Take Names: Someone always sees something. Get names and contact information. Details fade with time. Friendly and helpful witnesses will become more reluctant to get involved with every passing day;

  1. Get Pictures: ask a witness to take a pic on your own cell phone of what caused you to fall before you leave the scene. If you forget to do that, ask a family friend to go back - if they can do so in safety - and take photos. If the property owner asks them to leave, they must leave. While it's best to have a picture of what caused your fall, a picture showing the offending mat or step fixed and repaired a day later also shows the owner/occupier of the property knew it was a problem and tried to hide it. Sometimes property owners go back to their old habits after a few weeks. Photos are a big help for your case;

  1. Stash It: carefully bag your ripped clothes, broken glasses, and any other personal items damaged in the fall. Don’t wash anything;

  1. Make Notes: write down exactly what happened that day and how the fall happened. Go through step by step including the events leading up to the fall and what happened after you fell. Write it down out with as much detail as you can remember. Take time and do it now before you forget; and

  1. Call: Martin Law your experienced local injury lawyer. We provide Free Telephone Consultations. Make that call today.

Fall injuries are serious injuries. A bad fall will change your life.

Be smart about your injuries and your claim. Get the help you need.

Call Martin Law to find out where you stand.

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