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Posted: February 2nd 2024


It's that time of year when unsuspecting drivers are struck, suffer car damage and even have terrible car crash injuries when hit by flying ice. With a bit of luck, they may scrape by with a few paint chips and dents. But some have cracked or shattered windshields. And others lose all control of their car and smash into other drivers and right off the road.

An ice strike can be absolutely terrifying. And life changing. As well as physical injuries, some innocent drivers will struggle for years with a fear of returning to our icy roads.

What can we do today to be the good driver we all hope to meet on our winter roads?

Circle Check

Take the time each morning to visually inspect your ride. Walk all the way around. If there's snow, it's got to go.

Clear It Off

Brush that ice and snow off the car. If you can get into a garage or covered shelter, take the time to park in safety the night before. And a good sturdy snow brush and ice scraper safely stowed in your car will be the tools you need to get that car cleared properly.

Clean It All

All of the windows and mirrors need to free of snow. It takes time to do a good job. Budgeting time in the morning before your commute is a reality for winter drivers.

Tunnel Vision

Doesn't work. Carving out a little window in the snow to peer through doesn't cut it.  


SUV and car roof racks are a natural trap for snow and ice. While some drivers may love that sporty look or think they might actually haul extra stuff up there one day, the reality for most winter drivers is not so wonderful. Roof racks are time consuming ice traps that must be cleaned clear before driving.

Brake Safe

Hard stops will loosen any remaining ice and snow and fling it right onto the innocent drivers around us. Safe and deliberate driving for tough winter weather conditions is the right course.

What To Do When Injured By Flying Ice?

When you've been injured by another driver's negligence and inattention, call the police and get to the hospital. If you can safely get the plate number of that at fault driver, take it down. Exchange insurance information if he actually stopped at the scene. Report the crash and damage to your local police or collision reporting centre. Then call your experienced local injury lawyer to find out where you stand.

Martin Law knows flying ice is never just an accident.

When you've been seriously injured, call Martin Law for your Free Consultation.

Find out where you stand today.

Clean It Clear

Drive Safe