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Posted: January 3rd 2019


The New Year is here and so are winter car collisions on our streets and highways. While we love to blame Winter and the blustery weather for just about everything, Mother Nature is really not to blame. Winter car crashes happen because of the poor choices drivers make on our winter roads.

Bad choices behind the wheel make for bad crashes. And every New Year, the same offenders stand up to be counted.

What does your injury lawyer see every Winter?

Here is Martin Law's New Year Countdown:

1. Speed

#See Snow Go Slow. This twitter hashtag says it all: speeding in the snow kills. When roads are slick, sliding through intersections and traffic lights becomes a real issue. Reduce speed on snow covered streets. Hard last minute braking is not an option for safe stops;

2. Tailgating

Rear-end collisions happen when a driver fails to leave a reasonable stopping distance between her car and the car in front. Don't fall into the trap of following too closely. Slippery roads make it much more difficult to stop. Drive for the conditions and be prepared to stop;

3. Road Hogs

Share our roads. Pedestrians and cyclists need to use our streets. They are equal partners in transit but rarely acknowledged. Bad driving conditions underscore the need to slow down, be courteous and move over. Respect our Emergency Responders, Tow Truck and Snow Plow Drivers. They risk everything to help us in the worst winter weather. Help them to help you by slowing down and moving over;

4. Homework Fail

Winter driving has never been a carefree Sunday drive. Keep your car in good repair and ensure it is regularly serviced. Top up that windshield wiper fluid, replace worn wiper blades and check those lights before heading out. Every motorist needs to see and be seen. Navigating challenging conditions can become overwhelming when you can't see where you are going. And everyone must see you in the darkness and driving snow;

5.Distracted Driving

Distracted driving now tops the list of deadly driving hazards. Whether a smartphone in your lap or a sophisticated infotainment system on your dash, both pull your eyes and brain off the job of driving. Driving in challenging winter conditions is a demanding job. Make it your one job. Connect with the road and not with the net.

Awareness and social media campaigns do make a difference, but there is little chance that these Big Five Offenders are going away anytime soon.

All motorists must drive according to highway and weather conditions. Crashes don’t just happen.

Car crashes are not accidents. Innocent drivers should not carry the burden of other drivers’ bad behaviour in the winter time or any time.

Call an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out where you stand.

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